Lead with Positive Intent: It’s Not Rocket Science

Intent is the energetic force behind any message. Anytime words enter the world, there’s intent. Whether the words are spoken or written, intent always exits. The intent may be to share information, change someone’s mind, express emotion, or create action. The words we choose are always created first by intent. Here’s where the truth and clarity thing can go seriously wrong. If the intent of any communication is sour, toxic energy vibrations automatically permeate and impact everyone in the business. Seriously, think about it: Have you ever showed up to a business function and been greeted by someone who didn’t like you, or thought you were a threat? He marches right up to you and says in a delighted voice, “Hello, so good to see you. How are you?” Meanwhile, the intent behind his words is really saying, “I thought I got rid of you. Why are you here? If it was up to me you would just go home.” The energetic vibe from the intent itself was strong enough to at least send you away from him in a hurry.

Now take that same intent and apply it to a massive change in your business. For example, you just had your internal communications team write a business-wide email that says, “We are excited about the future, and all its possibilities. We’re excited to have all of you as part of this amazing journey. In the coming weeks many of you will have the opportunity to participate in moving these upcoming changes forward….” The intent behind the message is, “Let’s just put a message out there that keeps people quiet while we figure out who’s getting laid off. We had all the leaders sign NDAs, so we should have plenty of time to work things through.” Soon, the energetic vibe that came from the intent contaminates the entire business. Leaders have kept their promise and made sure the layoffs were hush-hush, yet everyone in the business is filled with anxiety when they receive the e-mail. Idle gossip has now turned into, “Did you hear that the business is laying off 200 people? I think you’re one of them.” Now everyone’s looking for their next job, and leaders have been forced to lie, spending their time as therapists mitigating emotional disasters by saying, “I haven’t heard of any layoffs. You have nothing to worry about. Just keep focusing on your work.”

People have gut feelings. These feelings are called intuition. Human intuition is the human body reading the energy of the intention behind any type of communication. Intuition is designed to protect and guide us toward making the right decision—it drives our internal fight-or-flight reaction. Intuition comes from the body reading energy, and reporting messages to the mind. Have you ever been part of a business that fed you positive lip service while it was going through massive change, only to find out later that your intuition was giving you accurate messages about what was really going on? People’s minds are smart, the human body is smarter, and emotions and intuition have them both beat.

When people have clarity, they have a reason to trust you and the business. If your intent is to provide false clarity, people will smell the manipulation a mile away, and the business will end up with energetic green slime that takes years to clean. Make sure the communication happening in your business leads with truthful and positive intent. The future of your business depends on it.

Gina Soleil, is a speaker and acclaimed author of Fuel Your Business: How to energize people, ignite action and drive profit. She blogs and speaks about how to create a business where people are energized, feel good and are happy. Visit Gina Soleil and follow her on Twitter.

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