How Business Will Save the World

If you haven’t noticed, the need for business to embrace social responsibility isn’t going away. In fact, the push for a healthier world continues to get stronger–and rightfully so. With the heat turned on high, and I’m not just talking global warming, businesses that choose not to put social responsibility as the top strategic initiative will soon be left in the dust.

Let’s get clear on social responsibility. Social responsibility is not a “fun committee” activity that a business chooses to participate in for the hope of increased employee engagement scores. Sound familiar? The “fun committee” example unfortunately still describes many social responsibility efforts. It’s also not an optional business initiative that can live on the back burner of your HR or marketing strategy–even if that strategy sits at the executive level of a billion dollar corporation.

Social responsibility is how your business is saving the world (Earth and humanity), and includes business efforts that get to the root of the health crisis we face each day. Notice I said saving the world, not changing the world. You see, that’s our current state, and why social responsibility is fast becoming the number one profit driver in business. Humanity has gone beyond “we need to change” and we have entered into “we need to save the world we live in.” Consumers know it, feel it, and are now using their purchasing power to drive the message home more than ever before. Here are four social responsibility efforts that will help your business drive big profits and save the world.

You’ll notice these efforts don’t include health, wellness, food or even children. This is intentional. When we address health, wellness, and food as our social responsibility efforts, we’re not addressing the root of the problem–we’re addressing the problem. And when it comes to children, without the following four efforts, our children won’t have an earth to live on and their life expectancy will continue to decrease–harsh, but reality.

  • Clean Water: This effort involves eliminating and preventing chemicals, garbage, and anything that is toxic in anyway from being dumped into our oceans, lakes, and rivers. The category also involves cleaning our waterways, and making sure humanity around the world has clean water to drink. Water is the life source for all of humanity. Next to energy, water is the greatest resource of our world.
  • Clean Land: This effort involves eliminating and preventing chemicals, garbage, and anything that is toxic in anyway from being sprayed or dumped into our soil, crops, and forests. This includes everything from toxic fertilizer to toxic landfills.
  • Earth Friendly Products and Services: This effort involves funding efforts, and being part of innovation solutions for the development and distribution of earth friendly products and services. Consumers desperately need more earth friendly alternatives if we’re going to improve the health and well being of this world at the pace it needs to improve.
  • Alternative Energy: This effort involves advocating, influencing legislation, funding, and sourcing alternative energy. We already have the technology needed to bring alternative energy to the market, now we need people to make alternative energy a non-negotiable for everyone in the world.

Gina Soleil, is a speaker and acclaimed author of Fuel Your Business: How to energize people, ignite action and drive profit. She blogs and speaks about how to create a business where people are energized, feel good and are happy. Visit Gina Soleil and follow her on Twitter.

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