Do as the Minions Do: Just Have Fun

fotoOkay, for all you business leaders out there who decided to take the word fun out of the business vocabulary, put it back in. No, seriously, don’t be a joykill. Science has proven that laughter generates good energy. People become energized, full of life, and actually perform at higher levels when they’re having fun and laughing. Fun is not the antithesis of professional—you can have both at the same time. If you deprive yourself and the business of fun, play, and laughter, you are depriving yourself and everyone in the business of the same healthy energy that drives profits.

Be careful, this is not the “fun committee”; don’t turn fun into red tape. You can’t force people to have fun. Don’t try to create a process for fun and laughter—it doesn’t work. Notice that I didn’t put the words policy, committee, or procedure after the title, Just Have Fun.

Here’s how you have fun in the business: You just let it happen. Don’t get angry with people when they’re laughing in the hallways, joking around in their office, or pulling a safe, harmless practical joke. Remember, the business should have a Do No Evil policy—their jokes won’t do evil. Lighten up. People work incredibly hard, so let them have some fun.

Gina Soleil, is a speaker and acclaimed author of Fuel Your Business: How to energize people, ignite action and drive profit. She blogs and speaks about how to create a business where people are energized, feel good and are happy. Visit Gina Soleil and follow her on Twitter.

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