What Blocks Success and How to Change It

Worry2Success comes not from timidity but from committing yourself fully to realizing your dream.

Are you a master complainer or do you seize every moment in front of you as an opportunity to get closer to your dream? Most people are master complainers; wasting away precious time complaining about what they don’t have, what they can’t get, or what’s not available to them due to this or that. Are you falling victim to your own complaining?

Let me be the voice of reason. It’s time to stop complaining and start taking ownership for your reality. Remember, your reality is a direct reflection of you. What you put into this world is exactly what you get back. Like attracts like. If you don’t like what you’re getting from your job or relationships YOU need to choose to change–to be bold and commit yourself to realizing your dream.

Corporate America is a breeding ground for complaining and falling victim to the woe is me epidemic. The average person has approximately 70,000 thoughts per day. In business many of those thoughts sound like this: Politics are keeping me down. I’m too old. I’m too young. I have a mean boss. I don’t have enough experience. I have too much experience. I don’t like this. I don’t like that. The list goes on and on. People choose to complain because it’s easy. Complaining keeps us “safe” from having to face our greatest fear–the unknown. Many people choose to stay safe and miserable because it’s easier than finding out what’s on the other side of, “What if…?”

Here’s my challenge to you today: rather than falling victim to your own complaining, choose to be bold and do one thing that gets you closer to your dream. Step outside your comfort zone, your box, and face your fear of, “What if?” Unleash your adventurous side! Take a risk and be daring.

Gina Soleil, is a speaker and acclaimed author of Fuel Your Business: How to energize people, ignite action and drive profit. She blogs and speaks about how to create a business where people are energized, feel good and are happy. Visit Gina Soleil and follow her on Twitter.

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