How You Add Value to the World


What is your value?

We live in a society that more often than not predicates success and value based on physical achievement, materialism and societal placement. From childhood on we’re swept away with rules and silent norms about fashion, body image and possessions. We often become so fixated on how to accumulate more “stuff” or pay for the “stuff” we have that we forget about the value we ourselves add to the world.

It often takes great catastrophe for someone to shed away enough of the facade to see their true value. Death, life transition, sickness, financial downfalls, these are just a few significant tragedies that have the power to open our eyes and help us understand that we alone are enough. In fact, we alone are not only enough, we are brighter, more beautiful and contribute to the world in more meaningful ways once all the noise of made-up societal expectation is silenced. One might say that it’s in our suffering that we’re given an opportunity to come alive and experience real life.

Value is measured by how you show yourself to the world. It’s in the kindness you show to another human being who’s making the journey through his or her own suffering. The time you spend with someone who needs your words of wisdom to give them an extra boost in life. The compassion you show in times of adversity, and your ability to forgive someone–including yourself. Personal value is measured through acts of love.

It’s in our moments of suffering that we understand the truth of personal value. Because it’s in our moments of suffering that we need someone to show his or her value to us. So today, take time to reflect on the moments of suffering that you’ve been gifted with throughout your life. Have gratitude for those moments of silence. Then ask yourself, “How did the value of someone else help carry you forward? And what is your value to the world?”

Gina Soleil, is a speaker and acclaimed author of Fuel Your Business: How to energize people, ignite action and drive profit. She blogs and speaks about how to create a business where people are energized, feel good and are happy. Visit Gina Soleil and follow her on Twitter.

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