The One Choice We All Have

dd889008-88f9-468a-abe5-f06b33dbfd74-mediumWe all have a choice on what kind of energy we want to give to the world. Are you a giver or a taker?

Givers feel good to be around. They offer support, encouragement and love when the person beside them needs it most. They choose not to give their shit to other people; they own what’s theirs and take responsibility without complaining. Givers don’t talk about other people negatively, they don’t gossip and they don’t find joy in someone else’s weakness–givers give love, good vibes and strength. Being a giver is a choice. There is no neutral ground here. If you’re not a giver you’re a taker.

Silence is oftentimes the most powerful contribution a giver can make to the world. In a media filled gossip brewing society where people are sucked into viewing everyone’s “good life” on social media, silence is of huge value. Be a giver. Be silent. Choose not to share negative stories, post slander, encourage content that’s disrespectful to another human being or bash groups in order to get your point across. Choose a quieter road. Choose silence.

Givers are respectfully bold in the face of adversity. They choose to stand up for the little guy, the underdog and those experiencing less fortunate moments. Givers choose compassion, but they never enable–because they understand enabling takes away the opportunity for another human being to become their highest potential. Givers choose to reach for the hand of another human being so they can walk forward together, stronger as one.

Givers create the healthy energy that makes your home, office, community and our world a better place. When the next moment of choice arrives (and it will), what will you choose?

Author, speaker & coach, Gina Soleil is acclaimed author of Fuel Your Business: How to energize people, ignite action and drive profit. She blogs and speaks about how to create a business where people are energized, feel good and are happy.  Visit Gina Soleil  and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Yes!!! Yessss!!!@ and YESSSS! Right on soul sister 🙂 LOOOVE it

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