3 Ways to Live in the Right Now

right-now-logoAre you missing out on what’s in front of you right now because you’re too busy waiting for what may never happen?

It’s great to have dreams and aspirations. In fact, my motto is shoot for the stars! Go big, because you deserve everything your heart desires. That said, be careful that you’re not letting life slip by because you’re too focused on the prize.

Life is filled with winding roads. And if you learn to stay in the right now and enjoy the moments in front of you, each road has the ability to take you places that far exceed your imagination. That said, if you’re too busy with your head down in your smartphone, trying to control every gnats ass detail that comes your way, you may find yourself waiting for something that never happens and miss the moments that create a happy life along the way.

Here are 3-ways to live in the right now.

  1. Get an accountability partner: Let’s not fool ourselves staying present is hard! An easy step forward is to ask those closest to you for help. An accountability partner can be anyone–friends, a spouse and/or even your kids. Ask them to help you stay present (in a kind way) by reminding you to put your phone down, letting you know when you’re getting borderline addicted to a task or have them simply say thank you when you make a decision to spend time with them in the here and now.
  2. Get outside and walk: It’s amazing how fast Mother Nature can bring you back to reality. A little fresh air can whip anyone back into shape. Even walking outside five minutes a day can provide a lesson and practice time for remaining present. Here’s the key: leave your phone at home! Consciously go outside and pay attention to the birds, trees, grass or snow. Say hello to people walking past you–and mean it. Challenge yourself to focus on the activity in front of you rather than letting your mind drift away from the here and now.
  3. Create “phone hours”: You are the only keeper of your time. If you don’t respect your time and space no one else will. Nowadays, the number one life distraction is our smartphone. Choose to put your smartphone away during a schedule time each day–a minimum of two hours (when you’re sleeping does not count). Use this time to do something worthwhile and memorable. Play with your kids, spend time with your dog, meet a friend for coffee, read a book or go for a walk.

You owe it to yourself to create time in your day to just “be” in the right now. When you make the choice to put yourself and your time first good things always happen. Now go let the Universe surprise you.

Author, speaker & coach, Gina Soleil is acclaimed author of Fuel Your Business: How to energize people, ignite action and drive profit. She blogs and speaks about how to feel good at work and in life! Visit Gina Soleil  and follow her on Twitter.

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