Unexpected Miracles in 2018

It’s amazing to me how many miracles go unnoticed. We pray for good things to happen. We ask for signs, proof that we’re going in the right direction and even make ‘trade promises’ with the Divine if we can be given exactly what we asked for, “just this one time”. Then we wait, and we wait and we wait. And if we don’t experience what we asked for, in the exact way we asked for it, we begin to doubt. We begin to doubt ourselves and we begin to doubt the Divine…or the existence of a Divine.

What we forget is that the Divine doesn’t always give us what we want but rather what we need. A dear friend of mine often says, “rejection is God’s protection”. Often times, not getting what we asked for is the exact miracle we were looking for…as hard as that is to admit. Life is filled with these little miracles called blessings in disguise. Most of us have had those thank God moments when we reflect back on our life in appreciation for those unanswered prayers, or prayers that were answered in unexpected ways.

The reality is that prayers are always answered…just not always in the way we want them to be answered or in the exact time we want them answered. What is guaranteed is that the Universe will always present you with the exact miracle you need in the exact moment you need it; albeit a lesson of patience and forgiveness or an opportunity to check whether your prayer is a request from the ego or authentically from the heart. Watch out, the ego is sneaky. There are times we ask for miracles that our heart doesn’t even want.

This first week in January 2018, I encourage you to reflect on the miracles you experienced or witnessed this past year. If you reflect from the heart you may be surprised at how many little gems came your way. Looking forward into this new year, I offer you this prayer that will bring you infinite miracles, exponential personal growth and a life filled with beautiful surprises that are far beyond your imagination.

“Show me what I cannot see. Teach me what I do not know. This year I accept anyone and anything as my teacher. And I gladly receive, and will happily experience, any and all unexpected miracles coming my way!”

Here’s to an incredible year!

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