What’s your “big something”?

I spent the greater part of my life looking outside myself for, well, everything. It didn’t matter what it was, I was certain that it existed anywhere outside and away from me. I became a sign seeker, Magic Eight Ball expert and connoisseur of anything relatively magical that could somehow give me the answers to everything I was looking for. This included relationship dilemmas, career woes, family challenges, self-image debacles…literally everything.

I was convinced all the answers I was looking for were floating somewhere in the Universe ready to land in my lap if I just picked the right words, said the right prayer or used the right “fortune telling” tool. There were even moments I searched so hard for the answer that I fell into complete exhaustion, depression and disarray.

Many of you can relate to this “addiction”. The constant search for the answers to your most difficult and challenging life experiences. I believe, this search outside ourselves is one of the greatest addictions in our world today.

After years of suffering, here’s what I’ve learned (the hard way). There’s not a single answer to any question we could ever ask that exists outside ourselves. Every answer to every question lives and breathes inside of us…inside of you. You may not like the answer. You may even get pissed off because the answer may inevitably take you down the road that you perceive as most difficult (so you go back to the Magic Eight Ball hoping to get a different answer). You may even get sick to your stomach because the answer, that you know in your heart is true, is asking you to face your fear and do that “big something” that terrifies you…even though you know that terrifying “big something” is leading you to the exact place your heart will be most happy—the life that is authentically you.

Here’s what else I’ve learned. Freedom is the gift you receive after you do that “big something” that terrifies you. Freedom to be what you know you are inside…or the freedom to discover what you are inside.

My challenge for you today… Go inside, deep in your heart, and ask yourself that question you so desperately want answers to. Then listen for your truth…you will no doubt feel your truth. When your heart gives you the answer, with gratitude say, “Thank you”. And then pull together all your courage and go do that “big something” that terrifies you! And do it for YOU.

Love and Light

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