Video Conference Magic: The easiest way to increase engagement with remote teams

It may not surprise you that every person across the globe craves human connection. Everyone wants to feel cared for and cared about by the people around them–including at work.

The number one coaching question I’ve received this week (so far) is, “How do I increase engagement?” Most people are surprised when I don’t start listing engagement tools and surveys. Rather, I simply say, “Turn on your video when you’re on a conference call.”

Magic happens when people see you on video! You become human. And you realize that you’re actually speaking to a real person on the other end of the conference line. When the video goes on people automatically connect at an emotional level. I guarantee, do it consistently for 60-days and engagement will start going up.

Here’s some stats for those analytical minds: 45% of your workforce are visual learners. 40% are kinesthetic learners. Only 15% are auditory learners. If you only rely on phone conferencing 85% of your employees won’t get the message… it makes that video button look a little more intriguing.

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