Brand Matters: What are people saying about you when you’re not in the room?

Think about the leader you admire the most. This person may be someone that’s in your life right now. This person maybe someone from your past. This person could be a political figure, humanitarian or sports player.

What are the characteristics you admire most about this person? Why do you respect them? What does this person do, or what did this person do that makes you look up to them?

Now ask yourself: How often is your name referenced by other people who are asked to think about a leader they admire most? 

If you’re not the leader people think about , why not?

Your leadership brand is everything. And you get to choose what your brand is and how people see you. You get to choose whether people will admire you, loathe you or forget about you. It’s a choice.

What are people saying about you when you’re not in the room?

Here’s the easiest way to build an admired leadership brand:

  • Write your short brand statement.  I want to be known for _________ as a leader.
  • Under your brand statement, make a list of guiding principles for how your intending to show up everyday. These are the physical behaviors that you’re going to choose to demonstrate. Your guiding principles bring your brand statement to life.
  • Read your list in the morning, afternoon and evening. Everyday, evaluate yourself on how you lived your guiding principles. And overtime you will become the leader who people admire most. 

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