Are You the 20% Who Will Be Happy?

Life lessons have the ability to shape you into the best image of yourself–if you allow the transformation to happen. There’s always choice. Become the butterfly and experience happiness or fight the current in order to stay status quo. The choice is always yours….

20% of you reading this blog will choose to become the butterfly; clearly understanding that flying is so much faster than trying to walk everywhere you want to go. Why only 20%? In order to fly you need to lighten your load. You can’t take flight while trying to carry baggage that weighs more than your wings.

Baggage comes in the form of emotional suffering: loneliness, resentment, inability to forgive, EGO, unresolved anger and sadness just to name a few. The older the baggage the heavier the weight–even a small little micro experience of unresolved hurt can harden and turn into a ton of bricks.

20% of you will crush the bricks! You’ll take out your sledge-hammer, and with all your might, no matter how much work it takes, you’ll turn every brick into powder until all the heaviness simply blows away in the wind. And then poof! You take flight.

Today is simply reflection…

Are you one of the 20%?



The Secret to Making Great Decisions

h2Are you following your heart or conceding out of obligation?

Everyday, we’re given the opportunity to make a decision. Sometimes those decisions are life changing, and other times the only impact is a moment in time.

Most people get paid to make logical decisions–analyzing data, putting together strategies, and figuring out how to sell more or spend less. Not to mention the daily leadership decisions on how to motivate, inspire and lead people forward. The world of business is filled with decision-making opportunities.

Making decisions can be addictive. In business, the higher up in title you go, the more decision-making power you’re granted. The more “significant” the role, the more time you get to spend making decisions for the benefit of the company. It’s easy to get wrapped up and sucked into the privilege of decision-making. In fact, some people spend 12 to 14 hours (or more) a day making business decisions. Sometimes those decisions happen in the office, or sometimes it’s on a couch with a laptop, on a smart phone in the midst of a family gathering, or drinking cocktails at an event. Decision making can be so addictive that one day you turn around and realize that you missed a life of joy that happened all around you.

Today, I’m offering you a different perspective. Imagine yourself on a bluff overlooking your life on a beautiful summer day. For a moment, take yourself out of the daily grind, and allow yourself to look at your life as a whole. From 8 to 82, how often did you allow yourself the privilege to make decisions for the benefit of you? How often did you concede your love, your family, or your voice to meet an obligation that took you away from the very things that bring you joy? How would the view change if you made decisions solely based on you, rather than company and societal expectations?

Everyday, we’re given the opportunity to make a decision. Sometimes those decisions are life changing, and other times the only impact is a moment in time. No matter the decision, you’ll never have a regret if you follow your heart and do what makes you happy. And remember, everything and everyone around you becomes better when you put yourself first.

Gina Soleil, is a speaker and acclaimed author of Fuel Your Business: How to energize people, ignite action and drive profit. She blogs and speaks about how to create a business where people are energized, feel good and are happy. Visit Gina Soleil and follow her on Twitter.