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elevateHER™: Advanced Coaching Program for Women in Technology

elevateHER™ is a 6-month program specifically designed for women in technology who want to strengthen their leadership presence, gain confidence, communicate with impact and successfully advance their career forward. A global program, elevateHER™ is a dynamic mix of virtual learning, community building and career acceleration coaching.

elevateHER™ kicks off with a 3-day Personal Breakthrough Salon followed by 5 virtual salons on topics that include: Trust, Personal Power, Energy, Communication and Self-Advocacy.

  • You’ll attend the 2 1/2 day Personal Breakthrough Salon where you’ll breakthrough any limitations and create the plan for reaching your goals.
  • You’ll participate in virtual salons for 2 1/2 hours monthly for five months.
  • You’ll receive one 90-minute career acceleration coaching session focused on your individual career goals.
  • You’ll be matched with a mentor for continued growth and career acceleration after program completion.
  • There are 8 women in each elevateHER™ cohort group
  • Global participation: North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe
  • elevateHER™ is unique in that it’s an executive coaching program for women in technology, not traditional training; you’ll come together with 8 amazing women to solve problems, develop solutions to professional challenges and learn new approaches to how to live your best life now.

What participants experience as a result

elevateHER™ builds leadership presence and confidence, creates new opportunities, teaches you how to put your health and well-being first and advances your career forward in meaningful ways…not to mention you’re surrounded by AMAZING women helping you grow and elevate your career every step of the way! Added benefits include:

  • Accelerated career and personal growth
  • Ability to grow your network of women leaders in various industries and companies
  • Ease with risk taking and going after your goals
  • Ability to communicate and influence personally and professionally
  • Ability to mitigate and reduce conflict…even before it happens
  • Ability to solve personal limitations and blocks faster than ever!


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