Rise up and become the greatest most successful version of you!

During this 12-session coaching series you’ll discover how to achieve Emotional Freedom, Awaken Your Inner Power, and become masterful at Mindful Leadership so you can rise up and become the greatest most successful version of you!

Over the 12-sessions you’ll learn best practices from other corporate organizations, receive guidance on how to overcome your greatest leadership challenges, learn and practice advanced skills and grow exponentially as an executive.

Group Coaching Series:

Pre-session with Gina Soleil:  You will attend one 90-minute individual coaching session with Gina Soleil before week 1 to create your Master Plan. During this unique coaching process, you will identify the outcomes that matter most to you, and develop your top 3 goals for the 12-sessions.

Part 1: Emotional Freedom
Week 1: The Power of the Unconscious Mind
Week 2: Releasing Your Fear
Week 3: Being in Complete Alignment
Week 4: The Best Version of You (And how to stay there!)

*30 minute 1-1 coaching call with Gina Soleil 

Part 2: Awaken Your Inner Power
Week 5: The Cost of Security
Week 6: The Vibration Game
Week 7: My Value, My Worth
Week 8: Abundant Creativity

*30 minute 1-1 coaching call with Gina Soleil

Part 3: Mindful Leadership
Week 9: The Art of Being Human
Week 10: Harnessing the Power of Energy
Week 11: The Workplace Happiness Factor
Week 12: Communication, Connection & Community

Capstone session with Gina Soleil: At the conclusion of the 12-sessions, you will attend one 90-minute capstone coaching session with Gina Soleil to review progress made on your Master Plan and celebrate all you have accomplished! During the session, you and Soleil will determine next steps for your most rewarding way forward.

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