Based on Gina Soleil’s newest book (release date October 2020) Real Trust™: The secret to building strong relationships, engaged teams and a high-performing business. During this 1-day leadership session you will learn: Why you can’t think your way to trust. Why character counts and how to show up in trust building ways. How increasing your trust score increases performance. Why accountability matters. Why trust is a team sport, and why leaders who focus on the greater good of the business always win. Learn more.


The mission of Wonder Woman CEO Inc. is to elevate women in business throughout the world. We advance the careers and leadership consciousness of Emerging Corporate Warriors and Maverick Entrepreneurs who aspire to create A Whole New World Of Business for generations to come.

In January 2020, join other Wonder Woman CEOs globally as we come together through virtual coaching groupsvirtual courses and workshops that include:

  • How to Lead Change for your life, career and company.
  • How to Communicate with Impact so there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.
  • How to build Real Trust at work and in life.
  • And how to Master the Art of Energy so you can stay calm and collected as you breakthrough barriers and become the greatest version of you.

Learn more.