Leader Acceleration Lab for DI

Rise-up and choose to become a high-performing DI leader that successfully leads your business into the future.

The Leader Acceleration Lab (LAL) for DI is a high-performance coaching program that strengthens leadership capabilities and diversity and inclusion (DI) aptitude among executives, so they can in-turn strengthen and mobilize diverse teams throughout your organization. The result is a thriving high-performing diverse business culture positioned to win in today’s competitive marketplace.

A global program, LAL for DI is offered as a virtual 6-month series. Sessions focus on DI topics impacting global leaders and their business:

  • Participants meet via video conference for 2-hours each month and receive three virtual executive coaching sessions throughout the 6-months.
  • LAL is unique in that it’s an executive coaching program, not traditional training; participants come to the table ready to solve DI problems, develop solutions and create new approaches using industry best practices–a mastermind group at its best.
  • Participants receive the LAL program book, DESIGNED TO WIN: How to create a winning culture in a rapidly changing world and videos are provided in preparation for each session.
  • At the conclusion of the program, participants create and present a DI culture strategy and implementation plan for their business; demonstrating their ability to apply systems thinking and learning from the program at a senior leadership level.
  • Certification is provided to those who successfully implement their proposed DI culture strategy and meet program requirements.


  • Gain strategy alignment on your corporation’s DI game plan for success and ensure all areas of your business align directly to the strategy.
  • Apply a research-based cascading model to ensure all employees clearly understand where you’re going, why, and how they fit into the story of DI in meaningful ways.
  • Ensure all business plans throughout your organization tie back to the DI strategy at all levels—effectively eliminating conflicting agendas that derail teams from achieving DI goals.
  • Leverage neuroscience to help teams accomplish business plan objectives in a culturally diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Understand what a DI mindset is and how to effectively lead by example in a DI-centric culture.
  • Learn where your business is on the DIVERSITY & INCLUSION SCALE and what you can do next to impact employee engagement, brand notoriety and long-term financial gain by elevating your score.
  • Understand how specific business areas work together in order for a high-performing DI culture to exist.
  • Learn how to maximize the matrix and overcome the most prevalent DI challenges in corporations today.
  • Remove silos and optimize DI efforts across all levels of the business.
  • Know your personal DI leadership landscape and how it impacts the culture.
  • Understand and be able to demonstrate the four most critical leadership skills impacting diversity and inclusion today.
  • As the capstone, each executive creates a DI culture strategy and proposed plan of action; demonstrating their ability to apply systems thinking and learning from the program at an executive level. The outcome is a high-performing business culture that’s positioned to win in today’s competitive marketplace.

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