On-Demand Coaching

High-Performance Coaching Program  

6-month High-Performance Coaching Program for organizations who want to build trust, communication and a high-performing business culture. And it’s for people leaders like you who want to take their careers, their teams and their company to the next level.

Immediate transformation. During this 12-week High-Performance Coaching Program, you will rapidly strengthen your executive leadership presence, communication skills and your ability to influence and manage change effectively and with maximum results.

There’s no travel and no long workshops taking you away from running your business. The 12-week High-Performance Coaching Program is on-demand and gives you the tips and techniques to build high-performance leadership skills in 1-hour per week with videos, articles and podcasts with leader acceleration coach Gina Soleil.

Week 1: High-Performance Action Plan
Week 2: Vision, Values and Clarity
Week 3: Results Driven Communication Strategies
Week 4: Savvy Change Leadership: Influence, Manage and Excel at Change
Week 5: Leadership Destination Map
Week 6: Maintaining Maximum Focus and Energy
Week 7: Eliminating Excess and Redundancies From Your Business
Week 8: Dynamic Decision Making
Week 9: Managing People and Clients Like a Pro
Week 10: Trust: How to Build It, Keep It and Grow It
Week 11: Building Your Leadership Brand
Week 12: Accountability Matters–Make It Happen!

On-demand. Each week, you’ll receive videos, articles, and a podcast for each week’s topic, along with encouraging emails from Gina Soleil helping you stay on-track and motivated to reach your goals!

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