Gina Soleil’s keynote presentations energize and motivate corporate audiences globally.  Inspiring and thought-provoking, Soleil’s style turns concept into action. Each presentation is not only engaging, but a memorable experience that has been referred to as “life changing”. Gina Soleil is creating a whole new world of business one keynote at a time.

Speaking topics can include one of the following, or be customized for the theme of the engagement:

  • How to Make Love in the Boardroom
  • United We Rise
  • The Heart of Engagement
  • Everything They Didn’t Tell You in Business School
  • Death by Corporate Speak
  • How to Energize People, Ignite Action & Drive Profits
  • The True Meaning of Inclusion & Diversity
  • Creating Brands with Purpose
  • Culture Mania: How to create a dynamic culture that employees and customers flock to!
  • The Power of Love, Suffering and Perseverance

To book Gina Soleil, contact Shannon Johnson by phone/text at 952-217-6868, or by email at shannon@shannonjohnson.biz.