Women in Technology: Overcoming Gender Disparity

A great passion of mine is women in technology, and overcoming the gender disparity we see throughout the technology industry. The gender gap is a BIG problem both from a diversity perspective and from the lens of pure bottom-line results. To all my technology friends working hard to close the gap... these are two great … Continue reading Women in Technology: Overcoming Gender Disparity

The Captain of Your Life

Lately the Universe has given me lots of opportunities to rewrite my life's direction. It feels like daily I'm being given a fork in the road. Do I go left? Do I go right? Do I stand still and do nothing? Knowing that "doing nothing" is still a decision and response to what's in-front of … Continue reading The Captain of Your Life

Take Me Beyond My Current Limitations

Many years ago, I found myself standing on the edge of a crane at a county fair in Iowa. Somehow, I thought it was a good idea to put on a harness, be taken up into the air a few hundred feet, and jump head first toward a giant blow up mat with the outline … Continue reading Take Me Beyond My Current Limitations

You were meant to fly. So fly.

“Sweetheart, don’t let anyone put you in a cage and clip your wings. You were meant to fly. So fly.” This sage advice was gifted to me by my Dad during one of the darkest times of my life. Years ago I found myself in the midst of an abusive relationship. Emotional. Physical. Psychological. And … Continue reading You were meant to fly. So fly.

Unexpected Miracles in 2018

It’s amazing to me how many miracles go unnoticed. We pray for good things to happen. We ask for signs, proof that we’re going in the right direction and even make 'trade promises' with the Divine if we can be given exactly what we asked for, “just this one time”. Then we wait, and we … Continue reading Unexpected Miracles in 2018

In the Streets of Sofia, Bulgaria

I'm sitting in the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria. A European city filled with hidden gems and almost a feel of Barcelona, Spain...but not quite. This morning I'm finding refuge and laughter in one place where everyone speaks a universal language and shares the same love for a modern vice...Starbucks! I adore immersing myself in foreign … Continue reading In the Streets of Sofia, Bulgaria

Kindness Comes Back To You When It Matters Most

As I sit in the Paris airport I’m reminded again of the different cultures that span our world–thousands is truly an understatement. It’s so easy to just jump on a plane and find yourself as the minority in a foreign land. Appreciation for kindness and patience from others grows leaps and bounds when YOU’RE the … Continue reading Kindness Comes Back To You When It Matters Most

What Brave Leadership Looks Like; It’s Not What You Think

A powerful story about a maverick leader choosing to be the change we need to see in Corporate America. Thank you, Keith for your bravery and willingness to be vulnerable. Now this is great leadership! By: Keith Narr, Chief Technology Officer @ Cargill For nine months of the year you can find me coaching youth … Continue reading What Brave Leadership Looks Like; It’s Not What You Think

Turn Around And See All The People

I was asked by a client today, “Why do so many companies have problems with engagement?” 87% of US employees are disengaged to be exact. It’s not rocket science… It’s because most leaders are faced in the wrong direction. Spending so much time appeasing “higher-ups”, Wall Street and making sure that the lastest initiative gets … Continue reading Turn Around And See All The People

The Boomerang Effect

What you put into the world comes right back to you in strength. Be kind to your team and colleagues and they will be kind to you. Show respect and they will respect you. The Universe runs on a system of equal exchange. If you want engagement, performance, appreciation or loyalty from others, you must … Continue reading The Boomerang Effect

It’s Not Them It’s You 😳

Everyone’s your mirror – the good, the bad and the ugly. What you find annoying or frustrating in others is often showing you the exact part of yourself that you need to work on, become aware of and connect. Hmm 🤔Next time that certain someone is driving you crazy, rather than getting angry get curious! … Continue reading It’s Not Them It’s You 😳

8 Ways to Live Your Best Life Now

There are moments in life when clarity blesses us with its presence. When the skies open wide and we can see the purity of our existence. A euphoric feeling...physically and spiritually experiencing a connection to all things seen and unseen. These are the moments when the veil is lifted and we get introduced to and … Continue reading 8 Ways to Live Your Best Life Now

The Lesson Facebook Taught Me

Sometimes you just need to go off the grid... In November, right before the election I took myself off social media. As an empath, I needed a break from the emotional energy permeating through the Web. Little did I know what the Universe had planned for me. I found myself immersed in this thing call … Continue reading The Lesson Facebook Taught Me

What Zoos Can Teach Us About Employee Performance

I walked into a client's office yesterday optimistic and full of life. A great nights sleep, healthy breakfast and ahead of schedule. I was ready to conquer the day. I sat down in my office disguised as a cubicle and jumped right in. Then an unexpected turn of events happened.  After my first meeting I … Continue reading What Zoos Can Teach Us About Employee Performance

What My Yoga Practice Has Taught Me About Business

This may sound a little surprising, but yoga and business have a lot in common. Yoga teaches us about depth and focus. But as I’ve yoga can also provide valuable lessons about how to successfully run a business.

The Corporate Vortex: We’re Not in Sedona Anymore

The "power of good" won't come from forcing change in corporate process and operating models. The power of good will happen when we all figure out how to live as healthy well-balanced spiritual beings in a corporate vortex that is anything but spiritual and well-balanced.

What You’ll Find in the Opposite Direction

Dig, dig, dig... It often feels like all we're doing is digging. Digging out of debt. Digging out of emails. Digging out of whatever mess we may be standing in. If we're not digging we're catching up. Yep, always on a quest to catch up. Catching up with sleep. Catching up with laundry. Catching up … Continue reading What You’ll Find in the Opposite Direction

Why Failure Is More Important Than Success

As an entrepreneur of ten years I've learned all too well what failure feels like. The perpetual wheel of reinventing myself has been the only constant in my life. Ups and downs, highs and lows; the roller coaster of perceived failure can be exhausting. I deliberately use the word perceived. Isn't failure the exact purpose … Continue reading Why Failure Is More Important Than Success

3 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Published By: David Fralinger                                                   Have a nagging suspicion your employees are a bit disillusioned? Disenchanted? Just plain bored? They may be suffering from acute employee disengagement, and they’re not alone. In fact, recent Gallup polling has identified an estimated 30 percent or less of the US workforce as actively engaged in their work—a dismal reality … Continue reading 3 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

The Secret to Conquering Fear in Business

When it comes to healthy communication and engagement in business fear is your worst enemy. Fear paralyzes people's ability to do their best work. It has the power to put us in a cage surrounded by a professional life (and personal life) we don't want. And it forces companies to make poor decisions; spending money … Continue reading The Secret to Conquering Fear in Business

How to Make Love in the Boardroom

People are looking everywhere for ways to feel valued and appreciated. We want to be surrounded by other people who are mindful of our needs in a way that says, “I hear you.” We want to be in the presence of other people who joyfully give us the freedom to be authentic and walk in … Continue reading How to Make Love in the Boardroom

What makes you grateful?

Over the past few weeks I've been reminded about the importance of gratitude. Are you taking time to count your blessings and acknowledge the people, things or situations in life that keep you safe, loved, laughing or even fed? It's easy to be swept away into negativity. And it's even easier to blame that negativity … Continue reading What makes you grateful?

The Benefits of Having a Positive Attitude

By: Kristian "KG" Goldsmith  I'm sure there some skeptics who will read this and probably not agree with me. However that's great because these are the people that holds us back from reaching our goals. Otherwise referred to as the naysayers. There is so much we can benefit from having a positive attitude, not to … Continue reading The Benefits of Having a Positive Attitude

The Magic of Mango Pancakes

I have to tell you, I've been feeling a little blah the last few days. Maybe I've needed some sunshine, more sleep (don't we all) or a mini vacation. Whatever the reason, all I know is that I've been dying for some inspiration. This morning I even woke up saying, "Come on Universe inject me … Continue reading The Magic of Mango Pancakes

Courage Comes Through Suffering

I love when a fortune cookie delivers profound messages at the exact right time. The other day while sitting at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant I received this message, "Courage comes through suffering". I immediately thought, oh fuck. A message of truth, yes, but not a message I want as my fortune. As I sat in quiet … Continue reading Courage Comes Through Suffering

Simple Joy on a Saturday Night

It's not often life stops long enough for you to exist in absolute peace while simply taking in the joy around you. In these moments you know you've been given a precious gift. A gift I hope each of you receive during this holiday season. Like most of you my life is filled with responsibility, … Continue reading Simple Joy on a Saturday Night

How to Fall in Love with Patience

We all grew up hearing the saying, "Good things come to those who wait." Yep, sounds great on paper! That said, when we're in the midst of having to exercise patience in order to get what we want just thinking about that statement creates an eye roll and frustration. Ugh! Who wants to wait an … Continue reading How to Fall in Love with Patience

Escape the Great Tragedy of Life

Often the great tragedy of our lives is that we don't take time to notice. -- Frank MacEowen, Author of The Celtic Way Of Seeing Our lives move so fast that we often don't stop long enough to notice the beauty around us. When we do stop we often find the exact thing we're looking … Continue reading Escape the Great Tragedy of Life

60 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in (Almost) 60 Years

By: Maria Shriver Journalist, Author & Activist at Maria Shriver Original Post I’ve been thinking about birthdays…especially mine as it’s this week!!! In our family birthdays are a big deal. There is always a homemade cake, balloons, cards, a fun celebration of the gift of life. The truth is, I love any excuse to have a party … Continue reading 60 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in (Almost) 60 Years

The Possibility of Everything

Are you open to all possibilities? Or have you put yourself into a small box labeled, this is how it has to be? There's a million ways to live your life, and the world is filled with opportunity and possibilities that far exceed your imagination. You don't have to look very far to see possibility … Continue reading The Possibility of Everything

The One Choice We All Have

We all have a choice on what kind of energy we want to give to the world. Are you a giver or a taker? Givers feel good to be around. They offer support, encouragement and love when the person beside them needs it most. They choose not to give their shit to other people; they own what's … Continue reading The One Choice We All Have

Thank You Encourage Her Network

I spoke at the Encourage Her Network- Encouraging women in life, family, and business! Signature event on Monday. Thank you Shannon Johnson for giving me the opportunity to be in the presence of such an amazing group of women! I invite you all to check out Shannon's Encourage Her Magazine. This girl is worth keeping tabs … Continue reading Thank You Encourage Her Network

The Power in Putting Your Phone Down

I did something crazy last night. A complete act of the subconscious. Before I went to bed, I turned my phone off and plugged it into the charger. That's not the crazy part. Here it comes... I never turned it back on. Like most people I have my morning routine. After waking up I immediately … Continue reading The Power in Putting Your Phone Down

7 Ways to De-Stress Using Nature

This time of year always reminds me of the power of nature. As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp it's hard not to notice the magic of Mother Earth. Just stepping outside and taking a deep breath can cure fatigue, center focus, inspire new ideas, improve depression and provide a lighter perspective … Continue reading 7 Ways to De-Stress Using Nature

How to Get off the Crazy Train

We've all heard the definition of crazy: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. For some, it's easier to ride the crazy train than remembering to breathe. Our addiction to crazy influences how we approach our job, health, and relationships. Crazy is everywhere! Every crazy thought, word and action contributes to a … Continue reading How to Get off the Crazy Train

Be F#%@ing Brave

I love this image. Bravery. It's the playbook for a joy filled life. It's your ticket to happiness. And it's the answer to overcoming fear and reaching your dream. Sometimes bravery is silent and sometimes it echoes from a mountaintop for the world to hear. It comes in all different shapes and sizes, but the … Continue reading Be F#%@ing Brave

How You Add Value to the World

What is your value? We live in a society that more often than not predicates success and value based on physical achievement, materialism and societal placement. From childhood on we’re swept away with rules and silent norms about fashion, body image and possessions. We often become so fixated on how to accumulate more “stuff” or … Continue reading How You Add Value to the World

Energy Wellness @ Work

Energy wellness is the new engagement strategy. Let me be clear on the topic of energy: I’m not talking about eating better, sleeping more, working out, or adding another “must do” to your schedule. Yes, all those things are important to being a healthy human being, but when I’m addressing human energy, I’m addressing the … Continue reading Energy Wellness @ Work

Dream Big; Set Yourself Free

Have you forgotten your dream? If you could choose a new career or way of life that made your heart sing, what would it be? Dream big. Skies the limit. And money is no object. What would your heart want you to do? As a child, the world was your oyster. Everything was possible, and … Continue reading Dream Big; Set Yourself Free

True Leadership: Courageous, Compassionate and Vulnerable

Let me start by saying, "You are a leader." It doesn't matter where you sit, what your title is, if you have people reporting to you or how much you're being paid. Maybe you're part-time Joe cleaning the toilets, or maybe you're sitting in a cubical wondering if anyone knows you exist. It doesn't matter the … Continue reading True Leadership: Courageous, Compassionate and Vulnerable

Leadership Transparency: How to Show the World You’re Human

Great leaders understand the power in human-connectivity and the importance of personal transparency. Leadership transparency is about showing up to the workplace authentically and allowing people to see that you're human. It's about connecting with people on a personal level and having courage to become vulnerable. Leaders who value personal transparency show people they care through … Continue reading Leadership Transparency: How to Show the World You’re Human