Overcoming the US Engagement Crisis: The secret to 3X more ROA and employee engagement.
The World Health Organization estimates workplace stress costing American businesses up to $300 billion a year, and Gallup’s research has exposed to the world that 70% of the American workforce is disengaged. In this presentation, Gina Soleil, addresses the United States’ workplace engagement crisis. Going into the next decade, we need a new way of thinking about leadership and culture. Overcoming the US Engagement Crisis, gives you the insight needed to overcome the engagement crisis and grow your business.

This groundbreaking presentation includes:  
– Eight ways to gain 3X more ROA (return on asset) and engagement
– And a leadership assessment that will re-energize and re-engage your employees

How You Add Value to the World

How You Add Value to the World,
is an inspirational keynote that brings to light the truth about how to succeed at work and in life. Authentic. And real. Gina Soleil, becomes an open book as she shares her personal journey of suffering and triumph; showing the world that it’s only in our moments of vulnerability that we are fueled with the courage and strength to reach our greatest potential. How You Add Value to the World is a must see presentation that guarantees an emotionally inspired audience experience!

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