A Whole New World of Business

cropped-cropped-12032896_881815861906429_4650227885622765469_o.jpgI’m authorspeaker and business consultant Gina Soleil. It’s a pleasure to meet you. My goal is to improve the health and well-being of our Earth by making the power of GOOD the driving force in business throughout the world.

The mission is simple… Help smart business leaders like yourself run profitable companies that are good for people, profits and the Earth, and together we’ll create a whole new world of
business that fuels positive change.


Fuel Your Business is the next generation resource for leaders (current and future). Through the forward thinking of Soleil, this book demonstrates the need for the intersection of human energy, overall wellbeing and value-based leadership.  Going into the next decade, we need new ways of thinking and leading—Soleil’s Eight Principles of Business can get us there.

Jean Nitchals, Founder, Niche Solutions, LLC

Fuel Your Business is brilliant in the way few books are-in originality and impact.  If Adam Smith is credited with being the father of economics, he just met his match in Soleil.  These ideas will revolutionize how we look at business, economics, public policy and so much more.  This lesson of humanity rings of possibility, hope, and a new kind of prosperity. Each chapter lifts a veil with simple truths. It has the potential to fuel your business… and it can do so much more if you let it.

Jennifer Hovelsrud, Corporate Communications, UnitedHealth Group

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